“The snowman in the yard is frozen hard, he’s a sorry sight to see. If he had a brain, he’d complain. Bet he wishes he were me.”

Each year, sometime during Advent, I call my best friend, Denise, and sing into her ear the words above – it’s some alternate opening for Let it Snow and it’s been a longstanding custom that I just break into song at her at least once a year. I’m a break into song kinda gal, so it usually happens way more than anyone wants… but what are you gonna do? I gotta be me. 🙂

So, it’s that time of year. Any day now I’m gonna do it. And she’ll probably join in too! I’m going to visit her for over New Year’s this year. She and Jim and their three munchkins (Colin, Devin and Brenna) live in Arizona – out near the desert. The last time I was there for New Year’s we had a bonfire in the back yard, toasted marshmallows and watched shooting stars while holding onto wriggling little folks. I’m hoping we get to do that again!

The anticipation of being with loved ones is sweet. Ketchup commercials aside, it really does fill up one’s heart to have something lovely to be waiting for and expecting.

If you’re waiting for Christmas – or Christ’s coming again, you might like some of the Advent reflections at the Bruderhof website. They’re amazing!