As I prepare to leave Arizona, yet again, my Godson, Colin, is practicing his scales on the piano; his mom is gathering up the laundry to throw in the washer and the six dogs are outside barking at imaginary intruders. Devin is playing Zap! on my palm pilot and Brenna is watching a Barbie video on the kitchen tv/vcr. The chickens are scratching about in their Chicken Palace and their personal architect, Jim, is at work for the day.

My bags are packed and my heart is rejuvenated by a week with loving friends and little ones who are polite and generous and just plain fun to be around. Last night, they were playing in their bedroom. Brenna, 3, was trying to climb up the ladder to the top bunk and she slipped and fell, apparently. I heard Colin, her older brother by six years exclaimed, “Brenna! You know you’re not supposed to climb up that ladder. Good thing the mattress was on the floor. You could have really hurt yourself. Now get off the ladder, please.” I’m not kidding. That’s just exactly what he said. The nicest big brother I’ve ever heard!

And my favorite quote from the week here? Well, little miss Brenna was helping me make her bed that I’d been sleeping in. I asked her to take the afghan and put it on the couch. “Okay,” she said, “But Chrissie, it’s a cover, not a big napkin!” 🙂

Cheers from the remaining moments in Apache Junction, Arizona.