Want a place to find stuff about faith and politics that’s not crazily one sided? I’ve found BeliefNet to have a a pretty darn balanced comitment to coverage of most of the candidates and most of the issues.

The other day a sister, who shall remain nameless, bemoaned the fact that there’s no candidate who is pro-life (by this she really mean anti-abortion) and I winced. Not because I disagree with her. I just can’t see voting on one issue when there are so many people living in death-dealing poverty right here because of a lack of education, housing, clothing, for God’s sake, food! And that’s just down the street from me here in San Francisco.

So, what’s a voter to do? Well, it’s “all a muddle,” as my good friend Lorraine is wont to say. And she’s right! It is. So, let’s get dirty! Oh, wait, she didn’t say “puddle.” Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that!

Meanwhile have you heard of mud puddle films? Ah, you will.