Several years ago, well, what? 10 or so? I was just a young gal attending Arizona State University and The All Saint’s Catholic Newman Center. I met tons of fantabulous folks there. Last month I got to visit with a couple of them again – Tom and Julie and their son, Michael and Patty and her daughter Ann. What a delightful visit. Made even more wonderful because of my relationship with these two kids’ parents!

Tom became Catholic while I was at the Newman Center, I remember the Easter Vigil when he was received into the church – the best part was when Fr. Mike’s mike ran out of juice and Fr. Dominic came out from the sacristy with the “ceremonial replacement batteries” held aloft and ritually placed in the traveling mike receiver. (Okay that wasnt the BEST part – but certainly the most amusing!)

Tom and Julie asked me a few years later to be their “clergy” and write a letter of recommendation for adoption – and later Michael entered their lives. What a miracle to be a part of his joining our community! And he is one miracle himself!

Patty and I were discerning partners back in the day. I was thinking about Religous life, she was thinking about marrying Mark and we shared our fears and, well, yes, tears over margaritas at the Scottsdale Two Pesos. Now, she’s married and has Mark, Ann and Max (cutie-patootie!)

When I get back to Arizona, these moments of reconnection are so dear and so rare. These kids are so dear and so rare! And, in my own “it’s-all-about-me” way, so mine. So, when people ask if I mind not ever having children, I have to say I do – I have clergys’ kids!