We’re just a drop in the bucket, and that’s meaningless. But we say, ‘No, wait a minute. If you have a bucket, those raindrops fill it up very fast. Being a drop in the bucket is magnificent.’ The problem is we cannot see the bucket. Our work is helping people see that there is a bucket. There are all these people all over the world who are creating this bucket of hope. And so our drops are incredibly significant. — Frances Moore Lappe

Recently my friend Chad told me about the students at St. Ignatius Prep who, upon learning there’s no place serving breakfasts to homeless people, (lunch and dinner are more common) decided to do a little something about it. Now they do a “comfort run” each Thursday bringing sandwhiches to anyone who wants one in front of St. Joseph’s in San Francisco. Hundreds of the students have participated. It’s a teen idea, a teen action and a teen supported deal. Go teens!

Teen voices and teen actions are changing the face of the world.