Remember the Pilot who tried to evangelize his passengers, what, last week? The week before? Salon’s Ask the Pilot and the responses, gave me a moment or two of humor today.

….and let’s go ahead and stave off the jokes and cartoons before they happen, assuming it’s not too late: Flight attendants will not be coming around with collection baskets; seats will not be replaced by pews; a copy of the New Testament will not be found in your seat pocket; a tablet-style recreation of the Ten Commandments will not be posted on the first-class bulkhead. Yes, an aft lavatory is about the correct size and shape of a confessional, but no, there is no need to address the captain as Father, Pastor, Reverend, or His Holiness (though you are free to speak at will of his all-knowingness, and for $4 he will turn your Diet Pepsi into a small bottle of wine.) The separation of church and sky is well assured, if not by the Constitution, then at least by good sense.

Thank goodness the pilot wasn’t a Catholic. Imagine having to kneel between economy class seats. — Bob Palmer

Yeah, I can barely fit my 3 carry-ons – oh, oops, I mean 2 carry-ons in that space!