Random thoughts

St. Francis supposedly advised: Preach the Gospel at all times. If necessary, use words.

Then there’s the joke about the Parachuter who fell into a tree but didn’t know in what country he was…. spotting a fellow under the tree, he asked, “Hey, there. Where am I?”
The fellow under the tree looked up from his (rather thick)book and responded, “You’re in a tree.”
The parachuter: “Oh, you must be a Dominican.”
The fellow: “Why yes, how did you know?”
Parachuter: “Because what you say is true, it just does me no good.”

Here’s to telling the truth that does some good! No matter how few words. If Johnny can’t read, it’s not because he couldn’t laugh at Horton, the Grinch or our friend Sam. Green Eggs and Ham was told using only 50 words (see below). And the preacher’s 100 year anniversary is today.

I am Sam; that; do not like; you green eggs and ham; them; would here or there; anywhere; in a house with mouse; eat box fox; car they; could; may will see tree; let me be; train on; say the dark; rain; goat; boat; so try may; if; good; thank.

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