There are worlds upon worlds
beneath and beyond
What power is that
which supports them all?

They are the letters
written by God’s flowing pen
Which determines the kinds,
the colors, and names
of all creatures.

A few know how
to write this account
How staggering would be
that scroll,
If one were to try to write it.

How great is His power,
How striking His beauty.
None can assess how great
is His gift.

“This poem provided the inspiratioin for the painted cup on teh front of this box. Visit to listen to many of these poems set to music.”

Ah, tea. A gentle gift within a gentle gift. Can you get this in the grocery everywhere? While I imagine you couldn’t get this in Bismarck, IL back in the 70s: today? I don’t know. It’s a small world (after all, they say.)

What warm beverage are you enjoying tonight?