Old Home Week(end)

Every first weekend in March (and November,) the Dominican Sisters of San Rafael gather together. During this time, we reconnect with those we haven’t seen, perhaps in a while; we discuss and discern more about our lives together; and we plan, prepare and pray about our future together.

Saturday we continued our deep learning about our relationships with the Earth, with one another and with the Post Modern World in which we live. Some of the things we talked about are included in the Earth Charter; the book Turning to One Another; and the the deconstruction of the “everything is constructed,” world in which we live. (Interestingly enough, I googled PoMoWo and came up with thousands of hits. Just a quick glance through them could lead one to believe the only folks who believe in a postmodern context are Christians. How does one preach in a postmodern world? Subversively, says one.)

We don’t know where we are headed. But we are trying to get there together. Along the way and on Saturday, we are celebrating our artists. Sr. Barbara Green, OP, biblical scholar and author extraordinaire spoke to us about vocation, really, doing what brings you closer to God. I didn’t even know she has a new book out! I, for one, can’t wait to check it out if only to get to know Barbara better (although the entire searies looks fascinating!)

And Sr. Adele Rowland, OP, Resident Artist at Dominican University and photomontage artist. Sr. Adele spoke about just being an artist as an expression of her vocation. Through her art, she hopes, people can experience some of the divine that is present, layer upon layer, here in our earthly home.

Each of these women have been inspirational for me. I’ve had Barbara as an instructor and she’s amazingly gifted as a teacher and mentor. I’ve shared a few of my photos with Adele and her encouragement has given me the heart to go on (this is in no way to compare myself to her; there’s no comparison!) Just chatting with her about photography has been delightful, that’s all and that’s quite a lot.