Pushing the point of peace

My friend, Chad, says I should get a t-shirt that says, I Knit and I Vote. Hee. Peace and knitting seem to me to go hand in hand (or is that needle in hand?) Recently I caught a story on PRI about the knitters in San Francisco who didn’t feel comfortable stopping traffic, so they sat down on the sidewalk and knitted for peace (see photo below from the SF Chronicle). That works for me. I’m not much of a traffic stopper, myself, either. I’m a knitter. (I come from a long line of knitters – but was a late bloomer.)

The thing about knitting is that it’s productive without being destructive. All the way around. (see I use circular needles). Taking the natural fibers God has provided and knotting them up in an intricate (or not so intricate) way so as to be useful to others.

Could there be a metaphor in there about one’s self? The fibers of personality, talent, intelligence, gifts, etc.? Oh, yeah.