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Rachelle Linner writes in a recent Commonweal of St. Blog’s Parish, a loose affiliation of Catholic bloggers… After describing the makeup of the Catholic blogosphere, she says: Curiously, women reigious are absent from St. Blog’s. An absence explained by the conservative bent of many blogs, or just a function of statistics?

This week I sent in a request to St. Blog to be included. (Oh, did you know I was a Catholic sister?) I received permission and instructions how to put the parish’s link on my page. Alas, I don’t have the “fullness” of blogdom and can’t put such links on my page. When I can, I will. I don’t know of any other Catholic sisters with blogs either…. Hmmm, I’m going to have to check into that.

Thanks to Jack Smith who writes for Godspy and the Catholic San Francisco for telling me about Rachelle’s article.

Meanwhile, I love how she ended her column:

I’ll let Flannery O’Connor have the last word: “To have the church be what you want it to be would require the continuous miraculous meddling of God in human affairs, whereas it is our dignity that we are allowed more or less to get on with those graces that come through faith and the sacraments and which work through our human nature….We can’t understand this but we can’t reject it without rejecting life. Human nature is so faulty that it can resist any amount of grace and most of the time it does.” If only she’d had a blog.

Who? Flannery O’Connor or Grace?

When I was growing up in Illinois, I wasn’t interested in plants other than those which we used to hide us from view from the house. Now as my Mom’s gardening “slave,” I find that I adore spending time with the plants. I don’t particularly like the snails that spend it with me (understatement!) but the plants themselves are a delight.

Two weeks ago I prepared the “back strip,” as we call the area about two feet by ten, and dropped in seeds for another year of wild flowers. It took me weeks (okay, when I say weeks, what I really mean is a few hours on a few Saturdays when I could manage to get down here.) I missed last week but upon my triumphant return I find that the little fellers are already sprouting all over the place in the strip. Yay!

I only began caring about and for the plants two and a half years ago, but now I regularly ask Mom, “how are my plants doing?” She actually answers even though she’s the one who makes sure they get water and occasional deadheading throughout the week (and sometimes longer.)

I think it cracks her up when I arrive, even if it’s dark, on a Friday night and after her kiss, the bathroom break and the inevitable laundry lug, I dash out the front door, into the night, to check if the rose bushes have budded out or the tulips have bloomed. Well, I know it cracks her up because I overhear her say to her friend Elaine that I’m out “checking the property” or “walking the acreage.”

Meanwhile the plants grow, bloom, die back and some even come back next year. I love it when that happens!

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