So, I was away for a few days at a strategic planning meeting for the National Catholic Young Adult Ministry Association, on whose board I am blessed to sit. As I wade through the emails and snail mails at work and at home, I’ll hold off on responding to some issues, criticisms and questions which arose while I was away.

Meanwhile, in line with Matthew 12:33, I’ve been wondering what the fruit of the movie’s release would be. Some early fruits have been more and interesting conversation between Jews and Christians; greater global awareness of the season of Lent and the Life, Death, and Resurrection of Jesus and here are a couple of other fruits.

fruit gone bad? – Couple arrested after ‘Passion’ fight- Mar 18, 2004.

is it a fruit or a vegetable? “Passion” Converts Thief.

a little humorous fruit, kinda like a kiwi? Life of Brian re-release.

and for those who like to savor their fruit: a Multimedia Way of the Cross.