Pope Paul VI and the search for New Horizons:

A new habit of the mind means a permanent disposition to raise new questions whenever it is so warranted by a gap in our knowledge, and to search for an answer as long as that gap remains open.


We all are aware that somewhere out there, entirely beyond our field of vision, there is an immense world which is totally unknown to us. We do not even have those fragments of knowledge which would be necessary to raise questions about it; it is twice unknown, in the questions that it hides, and in the answers that it keeps beyond our reach. Not surprisingly, it provokes reluctance in our humanity to enter it – ever! It is no wonder if our humanity revolts and clings to the security of the home where all is well-known.

Ladislas Orsy, S.J. (in The Jurist 1988).

I just thought it was interesting.