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Joan of Arcadia:

So, Barbara Hall, a Catholic convert, wrote these great 10 commandments about God for the writers of the show Joan of Arcadia. This one is my favorite.

10. God’s purpose for talking to Joan, and everyone, is to get her (us) to recognize the interconnectedness of all things — i.e., you cannot hurt a person without hurting yourself; all of your actions have consequences; God can be found in the smallest actions; God expects us to learn and grow from all our experiences. However, the exact nature of God is a mystery, and the mystery can never be solved.

From a Contra Costa Times article about the creator of Joan of Arcadia. You can find the other 9 here.

Pretty much, they’re great!

You are invited join a new initiative for peace and hope during this time of extreme violence and suffering in the world. In the spirit of Easter hope, we have initiated a global “Pause for Peace” to reflect and recommit ourselves each day to peacemaking and hope. This “Pause for Peace” initiative is being launched in the belief that prayer energy for good can overcome the forces of war and oppression in our world.

This is how the global Pause for Peace works: each person, wherever on our earth, is invited to pause and reflect for a very brief moment at 12 noon of each day, to renew her or his commitment to peace and hope by saying the following mantra (one or more times), in silence or out loud, alone or with others:

I renew my commitment to peacemaking in the spirit of hope.

In extending this invitation to you and to our sisters and brothers throughout the world, we hope that you will serve as catalysts in getting this Pause for Peace spread to other peacemakers. Please disseminate this invitation as widely as possible through your own networks, so it reaches our schools (students, faculties, parents and alumni), our co-workers and colleagues, our families, friends, and neighbors, and beyond. Just imagine what energy this daily pledge could unleash if we rededicate ourselves by the thousands around
the world, in different countries, cultures and languages, in different time zones, every single day anew.

This initiative comes from Religious NGOS at the UN:
Congregations of Saint Joseph,
UN-NGO Office Daughters of Wisdom,
UN Representative of DLC Dominican Leadership Conference,
UN -NGO Office Institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary,
UN-NGO Office Intl Presentation Association Sisters of the Presentation
Sisters of Mercy, UN Office
Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur, UN-NGO Office
Society of the Sacred Heart, UN-NGO Office

May 2004