What can we do to help bring about a peaceful and effective transition of power in Iraq? Pray. And Fast. Join the Dominicans of the United States as we join our spiritual forces to be in solidarity with the Iraqi people, the military forces and the leaderships of affected countries as we move to a new era in Iraq. Here’s one way. Visit the Dominicans Fast for Peace website to find out more.

Dominican Prayer for Iraq

O God of Peace, of Justice, and of Healing we pray for the people of Iraq. We pray for their safety, security, the restoration of the country and of the well being of each person. We pray that peace be restored.

We pray for Wisdom and Right Judgment for all the leaders who are responsible for decision making.

We pray for Courage and Understanding for all the communities of Iraq and those working in the country that they put aside their differences and come to focus on the common good.

We pray for Counsel for those who are establishing and will be a part of the new government of Iraq that they seek to serve the needs of all the people.

We pray for Fortitude for those who will confront the unjust activities and violence that are taking place within Iraq during these recent months.

We pray for all those who are suffering from the effects of war. May they be filled with Courage, Fear of the Lord and Consolation as they endure the harsh realities of violence.

We pray for Knowledge for those who are commissioned to research and assist the decision makers who need to have the best information to make decisions regarding the needs of the people.

We pray with all our Dominican family in union with Dominic and Catherine that the Holy Spirit lavish the people of Iraq with Her gifts.