“He was my rat!” This line, uttered by Ron Weasely, in the new Harry Potter movie has stuck with me since last night. What a delightful movie! I kept muttering (silently, of course – we were in a movie theater!) to myself, “Oh, nicely done!” Little touches, reworked images, super acting, great direction, fun special effects (watch the clouds!) and a shrunken head or two – what’s not to like?

But back to the rat. I wonder if there’s something odd about me (other than the multitude of oddities my family has been taunting me with for lo these many years) in that another of my favorite movie lines involves a rat too. “Light the lamp, not the rat!” (name that movie!)

Anyway, Ron moans the line and I can’t help but think wistfully as he ponders the loss of his pet. I won’t go into details, cuz you may hate spoilers as much as me, but the loss of a rat – a spiritual moment for me. Yep – don’t we really hang onto those unhealthy little creatures when they’re really bad for us? We don’t even know the evil that lurks in our pets: pet projects, pet habits, pet opinions and prejudices. But oh do we hold onto them.

In other news, a performance artist and knitting designer in Australia is the focus of a great little article here

Here are two favorite quotes from it! (Have you noticed I like quotes?)

“There’s so many ways you can explore the scarf as a cultural item. ”
“A piece of cloth is fundamental….”
— knit-evangelist Brigette Cameron