Why I studied Linguistics and other mysteries are explained on my new favorite blog: Language Log.

Okay, so the blog doesn’t actually explain my reasons, but the material covered there is so entertaining to me, I’m reminded how my “eyes lit up” when I cracked my first linguistics text in the summer of 1985 (ish). I later went on to study lots of great stuff in phonology, morphology, syntactics (you may ask how I could ever have given up transformational generative grammar for theology! Good question.), semantics, sociolinguistics and well, just words, words, words.

I became a descriptive grammarian rather than a prescriptive grammarian which made it a challenge to teach high school English. Noticing what was wrong and being intrigued by “why” it was rather than interested in telling a student how to fix it isn’t the most effective stance for the composition instructor to take, you know.

Anyway, love that blog. Any blog that can actually have this: post post post toast post toast post toast post toast post as an entry title has got something going for it.