What do you want for dinner tomorrow?
Are you all signed up for your classes?
Do you know where you’ll be living?
When is your last day at the office?
What are you doing with your time off?
When do classes start?
What do you want?
Will you help me?
When is Mary coming back?
Wanna have lunch next week?
When are we knitting again?
Want to go to the ball game?
How are you?

Don’t care, really.
Yep: Christian Contemplation & Action; Methods in Christian Spirituality; Historical Development Christology. I’ll also be looking for a Spanish class and will be doing some work in mindfulness.
Staying put in the current convent (St. Rose).
July 30.
Big chores at Mom’s; visiting family and friends in near and far away places; reading; resting; laundry.
September 7.
Medium non-fat chai latte, no foam.
Of course.
July 30.
Yes, every single day.
Every single day. (Oh, you mean together! We’ll have to book it.)
Oh, yeah!
By the grace of God.