Tuesday – day one….

Driving over the Bay Bridge this morning, I thought how fantastic to have this amazing opportunity to “go back to school.” It’s a gift to be able to do this full time for a bit. I’m blessed and I’m grateful.

Today’s coures: Christian Contemplation & Action and Methods in Christian Spirituality

If you can believe this, the professor for the second one actually sent an email to us with the assignment (written and reading) that are due today. I must say, this is ingenious! Some (my advisor among them) would say this is the benefit of email. I’m sure there are those who, like me, immediately thought “oh, so there is a downside to email.” However, having done the assignment, I’m pretty interested in how the course is going to go. I think it will be fabulous as well as fabulously challenging.

Meanwhile, life goes on outside the ivory walls of higher education. Hence:

Let us pray for all the wounded in the wars that are tearing our world apart. For the victims of war, and its profiteers. For the soldiers and the civilians, the cheerleaders and the dissenters. Let us pray for our presidents and prime ministers, but also for the mothers of the dead. For those lying in Iraq’s bombed-out hospitals, but also for those in the military hospitals of Washington and Landstuhl. Let us pray that all of these may find peace. Because as Martin Luther King Jr. once said, “The judgment of God is upon our world. And unless we learn to live together as brothers and sisters, we will perish together as fools.” —Johann Christoph Arnold