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I love this story!

Five ladies of Collins Chapel Baptist Church are sending love to the soldiers overseas through hats, crocheted hats for Christmas.

They have been working for the past couple of months crocheting hats for soldiers to receive as Christmas presents.

“The other ladies and I have been busy making these hats for the soldiers,” Judy Benson said. “We are hoping, along with other churches in the community, to have at least 300 hats to send. This is an ongoing thing for the soldiers to need so much and we wanted to help by providing a hat to keep their head warm.”

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Why I believe in our president (via)

I believe the president invaded Iraq to secure liberty and democracy for the Iraqi people.

I believe the rising American fatality rates, the rising casualty rates, and the rising American share of those coalition fatalities and casualties testify to the undeniable progress we’re making there.

I believe the president when he says he would have moved “heaven and earth” had he any “inkling” that terrorists were planning to attack America with hijacked airplanes.

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Never Give Up
William Rivers Pitt

You have to capture the mentality of the Red Sox fan. You start every season and every game almost completely sure that you will be beaten soundly. You lick your wounds and dust yourself off and maybe cry a little into your pillow. But you always, always think to yourself, “This could be it. This could be the year.” You do it because you want to be there at the turning of the tide. When that day does dawn, when some October night in a time to come absorbs the victory roar of people who have watched great-grandfathers and grandfathers and fathers live entire lives and die unfulfilled, when the Boston Red Sox finally win that championship, it will have been worth every moment of pain and disappointment.

For the Boston Red Sox, and for those who followed them and never gave up on them through sixteen Presidents, Prohibition, Women’s Suffrage, the Civil Rights Act, the introduction of the Big Bang theory, Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, the Depression, World War II, the Holocaust, the obliteration of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the long slog of the Cold War, Korea, the fall of Saigon, the fall of Baghdad, the attacks of September 11, the assassinations of Gandhi, Evers, King, Kennedy, Kennedy and X, the long, strange trip that has been the stewardship of George W. Bush, and everything else that has marched across the pages of history for the last 86 years, there is a lesson in here somewhere.

As in baseball, so in life.

Source: William Rivers Pitt, “Believe,” truthout

Who Is Pro-Life?
Emmanuel Charles McCarthy

As I read the triumphant headlines in the newspapers day after day–“U.S. Pounds Iraq from Air”–and saw the pictures of missiles streaking into Iraq, I could not help but hear the silent screams of all the little Iraqi children in utero who were having their lives ripped from them…Yet the silence on this matter of abortions induced by war–silence in the church, in pro-life circles, and in peace and justice efforts–is thunderous.

It is as if abortion for saving a person’s reputation is absolutely evil; abortion for saving a family’s economic life is absolutely evil; abortion for saving a person’s job is absolutely evil; abortion for saving a person from what he or she perceives to be an intolerable personal future is absolutely evil, but abortion to save oil fields for the present and future control and profit of American and British oil interests or to save the world from non-existent weapons of mass destruction or from a local dictator is morally permissible! It is as if patriotic earplugs have been discreetly employed by pro-lifers in order to not hear what they have been telling others to listen to for over thirty years–the silent screams.

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We had no idea where we were going so he directed us to a meandering path that led to the water.

Oh, the joy, to rediscover Anne Lamott’s columns back on line. One of my all time favorite authors and writers about writing, I’ve been desolate without her since she took a break from writing (or at least publishing on last Advent.

Took me five weeks, but I finally scanned my Salon newsletter to see she’s back. I’ve been so discouraged – well, who hasn’t?- and now I have one more reason to hope. Actually, I’ve only been discouraged on alternate days that end in “y” and moonless mornings. Otherwise I’ve been hopeful and prayerfully optimistic. And to have Annie back writing is a great boost for me.

Now if only the Chronicle would give Jon Carroll back all five days…. I’m just sure my own writing would improve. Well, at least my attitude about my own writing might….

There’s an interesting non-partisan quiz at which I thought was helpful. Basically, for me, it looks like I’d rather have the Bishops running the country than either of the main candidates. Oooh, there’s a surprise! You might check it out. (or you might not.)

Our responsibility is to measure all candidates, policies, parties, and platforms by how they protect or undermine the life, dignity, and rights of the human person, whether they protect the poor and vulnerable and advance the common good.

Faithful Citizenship: A Catholic Call to Political Responsibility 2003

It’s much easier, he told me, if you like the parts you like & you like the parts you don’t like. Is that some Eastern thing? I said & he said not really since he was from Idaho & it worked there just fine.

from storypeople

If only it were that easy. Well, maybe it is. Maybe not. Having a mystical meltdown – oh, that Teresa of Avila!

Moments, as if animate, use the prepared to tilt empires.

and, well, these I really liked…

cuz when I look down
I just miss all the good stuff
and when I look up
I just trip over things
— “As Is”

said I think we need new responses
each question’s a revolving door
and she said, yeah,
my life may not be something special
but it’s never been lived before
— “Brief Bus Stop”

lower my eyes
wishing I could cry more
and care less
— “Cradle and All”

they should try living
by my rules for a day
nobody would die
there’d be lots of stuff to say
— “Born a Lion”

and one from Angel:

“If there is no great glorious end to all this, if nothing we do matters, then all that matters is what we do. ‘Cause that’s all there is.”

October 2004