We had no idea where we were going so he directed us to a meandering path that led to the water.

Oh, the joy, to rediscover Anne Lamott’s columns back on line. One of my all time favorite authors and writers about writing, I’ve been desolate without her since she took a break from writing (or at least publishing on Salon.com) last Advent.

Took me five weeks, but I finally scanned my Salon newsletter to see she’s back. I’ve been so discouraged – well, who hasn’t?- and now I have one more reason to hope. Actually, I’ve only been discouraged on alternate days that end in “y” and moonless mornings. Otherwise I’ve been hopeful and prayerfully optimistic. And to have Annie back writing is a great boost for me.

Now if only the Chronicle would give Jon Carroll back all five days…. I’m just sure my own writing would improve. Well, at least my attitude about my own writing might….