Why I believe in our president (via)

I believe the president invaded Iraq to secure liberty and democracy for the Iraqi people.

I believe the rising American fatality rates, the rising casualty rates, and the rising American share of those coalition fatalities and casualties testify to the undeniable progress we’re making there.

I believe the president when he says he would have moved “heaven and earth” had he any “inkling” that terrorists were planning to attack America with hijacked airplanes.

I believed then-candidate Bush when he said during the 2000 campaign that America should not nation-build, and believe him now when he says our nation was divinely chosen for this task.

I believe the best way to improve local-run schools is to spend billions of dollars on a massive, federal testing program to tell us our schools are failing.

I believe the president’s education initiative will leave no child behind, much as his “clear skies” and “healthy forests” initiatives will make skies clearer and forests healthier.

I believe those who complain that one third of American children live in poverty, or that the wealthiest nation on the planet should feel sheepish about having 45 million uninsured citizens, deserve California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s ridicule as “economic girlie men.”

Ah, my biases are showing, aren’t they?

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