I love this story!

Five ladies of Collins Chapel Baptist Church are sending love to the soldiers overseas through hats, crocheted hats for Christmas.

They have been working for the past couple of months crocheting hats for soldiers to receive as Christmas presents.

“The other ladies and I have been busy making these hats for the soldiers,” Judy Benson said. “We are hoping, along with other churches in the community, to have at least 300 hats to send. This is an ongoing thing for the soldiers to need so much and we wanted to help by providing a hat to keep their head warm.”

Benson got the idea to crochet hats to send soldiers from Stars and Stripes Crocheting Crafts and decided that making the hats was the thing to do.

“I took the pattern to church and asked my pastor, Tom Hillard, about it,” she said. “He thought it was a wonderful ideas so Judy Ellis and her mother-in-law, Cheryl Jackson, Dot Kate and I began working.”

The hats are similar to a camouflage hat that will fit under the soldier’s helmets. They are made of camouflage yarn in colors of black, green and dark brown.

“We have to make sure that they are the appropriate colors,” she said. “If not, then they will be seen and we don’t want that.”

Benson will be tallying the final count of hats tonight and she will then get the hats in the mail Monday morning and send them to Karen Walls of Mobile who will then send the hats overseas.

“Karen will get the hats and put them in a 6-inch stocking for Christmas for the soldiers,” she said.

“The stocking will also include a Christmas tree already decorated, a hand-made ornament, slippers and other knick-knacks. The soldiers need so much and we are happy to help because they are doing so much for us.”

By Tiffany Cannon

Here’s a pattern for a hat; here’s a sample of coloring that works. I couldn’t, however, find a site that gives an address for mailing hats to the troops. I think I’ll just mail them to my friends who are serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. Any one else know of a group that collects and distributes knitted goods to soldiers?