some saint once said, “After the ecstasy: the laundry.” Pretty sure it’s also “after the agony: the laundry.” So that’s what I did yesterday. Laundry. And I studied a bit; organized my yarn; talked at length with my friend, D., on her birthday; listened, yes, to Christmas music; chatted with the sisters; prayed; wept a bit; managed to move through the day.

And today I’m a little beyond disbelief and sorrow to “now what?” As a nation, I hope we can all come to this place together. As a Christian I believe God will be with us here. As a sister, I’m reminded of the challenge of learning to listen, really listen, to one another. And to be transformed by what we hear, together. Meanwhile, it’s nice to have clean clothes and towels and to check in with Mom and others whose immediate lives don’t have anything to do with elections and results of them, but with breathing in and breathing out no matter what.