1. vanilla ice cream in coffee mugs
  2. good solid coffee mugs – and that first cup on a slow moving day
  3. pictures around the room with the faces of loved ones
  4. Christmas music on the radio 24/7; and all year round if one needs it
  5. the ability to read and write (thanks to teachers!)
  6. love of one another, whenever and wherever it can be found
  7. hope in hopeless circumstances
  8. better living through chemicals (legal ones of course)
  9. crosses found in unusual places
  10. the face in the electrical outlet
  11. purring feline friends
  12. chocolate covered brazil nuts
  13. tuna and mayonaise on saltines
  14. crisp, oh, so crisp autumn days
  15. photographs that come out
  16. shared tears with a stranger
  17. people who read and respond to what I write
  18. Arizona country-swing dancing with Charlie
  19. hikes on snow covered hills
  20. circular knitting needles and yarn, lots of yarn
  21. driving with the windows down and the radio on
  22. empty Christmas stockings
  23. the laughter of children who love you (oh, heck, the laughter of any child)
  24. toe socks
  25. friendly compilation tapes/cds
  26. buttons with clever sayings
  27. annie dillard, anne lamott, anne astrosky
  28. the bells of the salvation army
  29. the scent of candles just after they’re blown out
  30. a good skipping rock
  31. blue bells by the river
  32. a bench with a view of the ocean
  33. tire swings
  34. corn on the cob from Hoopeston, IL
  35. graveyards and the stories the tell (or don’t)
  36. real laughter heard on the street
  37. full Christmas stockings
  38. unexpected confetti in a card that comes in the mail
  39. the touch of a hand on ones neck
  40. birthday candles