and so do we.  How are you doing on  yours?  Here’s are two amazing Advent calendars to enjoy – just in case you haven’t found them yet.


go here for this one


and here for another

My neice asked me the other day, "What do you give up for Advent."  She’s not Catholic, so got a bit confused on her terminology, but I think it’s a good question anyway.  Me, I’m giving up some of my lazy procrastination this Advent.  One of my practices is to write every day.  Write something.  Mostly this means in my journal, but the added incentive is that it’s PAPER WRITING time in the wacky world of graduate school in which I find myself.  So, the writing something non-academic actually helps me when I’m doing the academic.

Meanwhile I celebrated the 40th anniversary of my physical presence on the planet (outside of my Mom’s womb, of course) just the other day.  Woo hoo!  I’m delighted to be 40.  Just sounds more substantial to me.  Maybe it’ll help me grow up and take life a bit more seriously (and myself a bit more lightly).  Only time will tell.