KOIT and KBAY, two local radio stations, are playing Christmas music all day, everyday.  It started the week before Thanksgiving.  I’ve been listening since then. 

I would have said, had you asked, that there’s no such thing as too much Christmas music….  I must admit now to cravings for secular songs…. It probably didn’t help that I spent a good chunk of time before my birthday choosing songs for two gift CDs I made for family and friends.  (One is holiday, one is HolyDay music.) 

I’m reminded that many people can’t take it: this crazy holiday season.  And for those in colder climes it’s often worse.  Here at least, I look out at the Bay with her bright white sailboats on a sunny day and my winter anxiety is well, not.  (Though I must say, I’ve also been craving a good snow storm -but only one!) 

Fortuitously, I think, to come across this article on the BustedHalo site.  A follow-up article, it offers some insight for those who may find winter and this time of the season, particularly, difficult.  Whew, there’s hope.

16 Tips for Surviving Winter
…or How to Survive a Trip on the Bi-Polar Express

check it out.(if you want)