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Dscn9054The Happy Hat (knit)

(special kudos to Eunice Park for designing this hat in the first place…)

Children’s size first (women’s in parentheses). 

Using whatever yarn you like*, cast on 24 (28) Dscn9038_1stitches.  Row 1 – knit; Row 2 – purl; repeat these two rows until you have approximately 7 (9) inches.  (you can knit in patterns, rows, whetever)  Now continue the same "pattern" for the next 7 (9) inches reversing it to match up the rows. 

Cast off.  Sew up the sides. 

Dscn9160_1Make two pom poms and attach to corners.  Wear with pleasure and see how you make people smile!

*For Children’s I use two strands together of Red Heart yarn (4ply worsted) for Women’s I like Lion Brand Homespun.

Classes have begun again.  Yay!  Here’s what I’m taking:

  • Contemporary Christology
  • Religion and Cultural Analysis
  • The Spirituality of Thomas Merton
  • Spiritual Direction Practicum

So far three of the four are rocking my world.  The fourth has to grow on me, I think.  Meanwhile, it’s Lent again.  Back to the basics… 

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Ron Rolheiser (from The Holy Longing)

. . . . It is just that one does not see much evidence that anyone is actually all that interested in God. We are interested in virtue, justice, a proper way of life, and perhaps even in building communities for worship, support, and justice, but, in the end, too much evidence suggests that moral philosophies, human instinct, and a not so disguised self interest are more important in motivating these activities than are a love and a gratitude that stem from a personal relationship to a living God.  Hence God is not only often absent in our marketplaces, he is also frequently absent from our religious activities (and religious fervor) as well.

Recently, I was invited to speak to a group of Episcopal young adults (and anyone else who showed up) at a Theology on Tap session here in San Francisco.  Talk about inspiring!

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