Classes have begun again.  Yay!  Here’s what I’m taking:

  • Contemporary Christology
  • Religion and Cultural Analysis
  • The Spirituality of Thomas Merton
  • Spiritual Direction Practicum

So far three of the four are rocking my world.  The fourth has to grow on me, I think.  Meanwhile, it’s Lent again.  Back to the basics… 

Prayer, Fasting, Almsgiving.  Each year, for the past several, I give up sugar, real and artificial (this is a real fast for me.)  If sugar (or it’s refined, substitute, altered, or cornsyrupy counterparts) is in the top four ingredients – well, I don’t ingest. 

Of course I blew it on the very second day when while working hard to avoid the maple syrup which came with my whole wheat pancakes, I gulped down a diet coke.  (Oh, and it was a righteous diet coke!)

Well, there I am with my friend (Fr. Brett) and we’re getting ready to part and he hasn’t eaten the second half of my pancakes and says he’s just not going to be able to when in comes Rabbi Rachel.  Rachel came in just to finish the pancakes.  Thank you, Rachel. 

Lately it seems my life has been a series of joke set ups:

A priest, a nun and a rabbi were sitting in a local diner….

A Catholic, a Lutheran, a Pagan, a Buddhist , an agnostic, and an athiest sat down to a New Year’s dinner…

So this nun was talking to a bunch of Episcopaleans….

Yes it really happened this way!  And listen, no one beat anyone else about the head with a breadstick or any other hard item.  Not even hard words.