True Tales of InDUHviduals
Friday, March 18, 2005

True tales of InDUHviduals – From Scott Adams, creator of Dilbert

I went to the registry of motor vehicles to renew my license. When I handed the clerk a check to pay for the license she asked for some identification. I pointed to the renewed picture license that she was holding in her hand.

While talking to a colleague IN PERSON I mentioned that I colored my hair. He asked me what color.

Last week my co-worker was traveling on business to a very small town. They found a restaurant in the phone book and asked the woman working at the hotel desk how to get there. The desk clerk told them all about it and gave them directions. After driving around for half an hour they could not find it. When they returned to the hotel, the woman at the hotel desk told them, "Oh, I forgot; they never did build that restaurant."

I went shopping with my roommate, and I saw a humorous button that said, "It might look like I’m doing nothing, but on a cellular level, I’m quite busy." I showed it to her, and her response was, "Oh, I should buy that one, I’m always talking on mine."

I went into a major retail establishment and asked an employee in the garden section whether they sold hyacinth vases. Seeing her blank look, I described a hyacinth vase, explaining that it has a narrow neck, with space for a flower bulb on top and water on the bottom. Said the employee, "Have you looked in Electronics?"

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