She was born and reared in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. 
The best pictures of her as a child shows a pensive, only child.

Her mother was a great cook and after her parents divorced, her father moved to Canada.
She rode the train all alone each summer to Chicago to stay with her grandparents.
She was valedictorian of her high school class and left Cedar Rapids to go to secretarial school in Omaha.
When she was 19 she rode over the Golden Gate Bridge on the back of a motorcycle.  It was 1952.
She married, had six children, lived in Iowa City, Quincy, IL, Vincennes, IN, Danville and Bismarck, IL by 1968.
She was divorced in 1973 and worked four jobs to raise her children.
Though she never went to college, all six of her children did.
She moved to Arizona in 1984 and it was the best move she ever made. 
She has five grandchildren and loves to be with them now.
What she taught her children and oldest granddaughter can be encapsulated in these important words:

  •     You do what you gotta do.
  •     Everything will work out all right.
  •     I love you.

And that’s enough.

(inspired by jrc)