Yippee – she said, clasping her hands in glee; several of my favorite people in the world are going to have babies. There are no less than eight (8) patron saints for expectant mothers: hope they’re all on the job!

Observation 1. Internet is a dangerous procrastination destination.

Oberservation 2. Reading magazines in the bathroom can lead to loss of feeling in feet.

Preachers should really ask for feedback from folks who have to listen and watch them preach: to whit – please no licking of mustaches while proclaiming God’s word.  Really.

AblHere’s a great analysis of the new Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith who is, incidentally, my former boss.  During the five years I worked for him, I grew to appreciate his intelligence, sincerity, desire to serve God, capacity for listening and ability to throw a really nice Christmas party!  Only once in five years did his and my vision for young adult ministry come to a parting of opinion.  That’s saying something, I think.  And he, unlike so many, saw and supported the need for ministry with those in their twenties and thirties and acted upon it by creating and maintaining a ministerial office directly and solely responsible for such.

Observation 3. I have way too many books in my room.

Observation 4. My mind is like my junk drawer: full of interesting, yet often useless bits of flotsam and jetsam.  Bright shiny objects are very distracting to me… and almost anything can be a bright shiny object.

Observation 5. My room gets really clean when papers are due.  Okay, not really, but I think about cleaning my room a lot when papers are due.

Observation 6.  My friend Teresa would say right about two or three items ago "get back to work, you!"  And so I’m gonna.  Bye.