I regularly get asked if I can take my knitting needles on airtrips….
and I’ve said "you bet" since very shortly after 9-11-01.  The Pilot
Smith is catching on….

Ask the pilot

The global knitting community irritatedly waves its needles at the pilot.

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By Patrick Smith

June 17, 2005  |

What if I told you
that a shockingly high number of Ask the Pilot’s readers are, of all
things, knitters and crocheters? I knew this column had its share of
devotees — frequent fliers, aerophiles, sentimental fans of forgotten
’80s alt rock — but I wouldn’t have expected much attention from the
yarn-and-needle set. They’re out there, apparently, based on the volume
of letters I received in response to a gaffe in last week’s column.
Before the mistake was fixed, the original June 10 Ask the Pilot —
another trenchant diatribe on matters of airport security —
erroneously maintained that knitting needles were still prohibited on
airliners. Well, no shortage of annoyed hobbyists were on to me,
pointing out that the rules have been revised. TSA has buckled to the
knitting lobby and now allows onboard stitchery with no restriction.

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