Hola, mis amigos y amigas!  I’m baaaaackkkk…..  (for a minute).  My time in Mexico was fabuloso and my confidence in speaking Spanish has increased a thousand fold – which, all in all is a great deal better.  Since I started at a negative balance, though, perhaps a few more classes, months and practicepracticepractice is still in order!  If you know of a good (inexpensive) course or tutor program in the Bay Area, I’m looking!

Off to Adrian, Michigan tomorrow for the weekend.  My great friend, Lorraine, is making her perpetual profession of vows as an Dominican Sister on Saturday.  Please, if you can, keep her and her family in your prayers.  Her step-father, Bernie, is very near to joining Jesus and as her "rock" for all these years, will not be able to be at her profession.  This is so sad and she is doing so well handling the disappointment.  We pray that God will allow Bernie to be with her in spirit on Saturday and each day after! 

I’ve been thinking and praying and living so much these past weeks.  I hope to be able to put into words some of my amazing experiences and the tremendous graces I’ve been given.  If you ever have the opportunity to learn another language through an immersion program, I heartily recommend it…. you may learn even more about yourself and the world in the process!