I’m away to the lands of someone’s forefathers, not mine, though.  Germany. 

"We have come to worship him."  — the theme for WYD 2005.  I’m traveling with the Archdiocese of San Francisco for the next week and a half.  It should be very interesting and what a great opportunity!  You can find information about it here: World Youth Day 2005 Official Site.  And about our trip here: Archdiocese of SF Official Site.

If I can, of course, I’ll post… if not, well, you know the drill.  Thanks for any prayers for our pilgrimage and the million or so young adults we will be joining in Cologne to pray and praise and meet with the Pope.  You will be in my prayers there too.  And, if you happen to be going as well, I hope we meet up.  I’ll be the one practicing my Spanish. 

Thanks to Chad for the ride to the airport!  Bless his little heart… well, big ole heart, really.