One Two Three… Testing Testing…. Is this thing on? 

So, whirlwind summer, that’s for shoor!  Off to Germany, I went, for yet another adventure.  Here’s one of my pictures of the Pope:

How_the_pope_looked_to_meAnd, basically, this captures the whole series of events that we experienced at WYD.  The travel was interesting; Germany was BEAUTIFUL; the people were FANTABULOUS and I thing JESUS was present each step of the way (of course, he always is!)

Some of the photos I took can be found on my flickr blog… more will be coming.

Meanwhile, the reason not so much on here is my Mom had a brief hospital stay which I heard about on the final night in Germany… she was still in the hospital when I returned, and so that is where you could have found me.  Now we are home.  Nothing too serious that a little rest and antibiotics couldn’t take care of.  She’s tired and sick of being tired, but getting stronger everyday, thank you for asking. 
Mean-Meanwhile, my computer (alas) died.  Even the GeekSquad couldn’t revive her.  I did the one critical thing before leaving the country the first time, by backing up everything I could think of on an external hard drive.  But, (alas again) I didn’t ever back up (except on Flickr) my Mexico photos.  And some from later in the summer too.  Sigh.  I fear they are lost forever.  And I know I should be grateful that’s all I’ve lost.  Oh, I am! 

Mean-Mean-Meanwhile, Katrina has done some serious damage.  I’m not telling you anything you don’t know more of and better than I.  Here’s a place to help