So, I’m doing a workshop at Fall Fest (the annual Catholic Young Adult conference here in San Francisco)… It’s tomorrow.  Wanna see the 411?  Here ya go.

So, why am updating my blog?  Well, like I said, I’m giving a workshop tomorrow.  I’m big on the distractions…

to whit: watched "Ghost Whisperer" tonight.  Not so much.  Though I did like the JLH character.  Just can’t see myself going back for more.

So, I’m sipping coffee and studying for my class at Brewed Awakenings the other day when I see a guy coming towards me with this fabulous t-shirt… black with the word ONE on the front in a perfect circle.  Ooh, that’s like the One Campaign, I think to myself.  And then I look up…. It’s my friend Bob!  Cool, huh!  Great to see him.  Great to look forward to breakfast next week too.  Wanna hear about his summer….

Meanwhile: the next post is for Teresa!  (wait for it.)