Stjerome100px_2Ah, Serenity.  This Friday is the Feast of St. Jerome.  Also, the release date for the new movie, Serenity, based on  Firefly.  Coincidence?  I think not.  (St. Jerome is the patron saint of librarians… read on for the connection.)

My good friend, Mickey, sent me a set of DVDs for my birthday last year: the entire season of  Firefly.  A television program, by Joss Whedon, (creator of the fantabulously under-rated and misunderstood programs, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel).  I began watching the series and was immediately hooked.  Even passed the show on to my family, friends, and, well, their families too!  Though Firefly was cancelled after just that one season, the creator, actors, fans, and apparently studio, couldn’t stop the signal…. Hence, Serenity.

Western, Science Fiction, Humor, Drama, Action Adventure, Political Commentary?  Who’s to say….  Okay, I will… all of the above, really.  Here’s what one commentator says:

. . . . The primacy of character, story, and theme, as opposed to special
effects, also distinguish the Serenity ambience from what’s found in so
much science fiction, horror, and fantasy. The carefully woven sense of
another reality and its fascinating inhabitants provide a context rich
enough to inspire feelings of care and, if my experience is typical, a
general sense of being more alive. This work is thoughtful in its
messages, beautiful in its recognition of struggle and contingency, and
deeply invigorating.

Book_1One of the characters, Shepherd Book, (get it?) a preacher man who travels spreading the word wherever he goes, is conflicted about the mission of the Serenity crew… And who wouldn’t be?  Played by Ron Glass, Book, embodies one way of being missionary. 

Glass is also a scholar and social activist, having earned a Medal of Honor
commendation from his alma mater, the University of Evansville, for his
scholarship and career accomplishments, and serving as chairman of the board of
the Al Wooten, Jr. Heritage Center in Los Angeles, whose goal is to empower
young people growing up in crisis communities. via

Of course the rest of the cast and crew are fabulous too…  You can’t stop the signal…