Poster_serenityWell written, well acted, well staged, and just well, great.  My neice and I wore our brown coats last Friday night, even though it was one of the warmest days of September.  We hoped to see other browncoats there… and there were.  They just didn’t have on the coats.  Nervous about there being lines (we are nothing if not optimistic!) we arrived two hours early to the mall and because not so much on the lines were able to get into an earlier showing.  Oh, it was good!  Entertaining, action-packed, witty, surprising twists and turns, engaging special effects and, good music….  I haven’t been so entertained by a movie in years.  I haven’t wanted to stick around for the next showing of a movie for years either.  We didn’t, but you can bet I’m going back.  And I hope to see you there.  🙂