As an example of a hermeneutical exploration, we are reading Violence Unveiled: Humanity at the Crossroads by Gil Bailie for my Hermeneutics course.  I’ve read the text before and have heard Bailie speak (even had him as one of our Theology on Tap presenters in the Archdiocese) and this text is on my lifechanging books list. 

Based on the theories of French anthropoligist Rene Girard, Bailie’s text explores the roots and uses of violence in culture.  Using a plethora of materials from the vast intertext of sources, he explores the effects of mimetic desire on humanity and culture. 

In a time of war (and when has there been a time of no-war?), on  day when we honor those who have fought in the name of national safety and interests, let us hope for a time when we will grow beyond the impulses that drive us to war with others for any reason.