Dscn8621I’m off to the beach again with a group of some new and some not new knitters for our fifth knitting retreat.  Years ago I started these knitting retreats to facilitate the passing on of knitting to others (the gift that keeps local yarn shops in booming business).  It was at a knitting retreat that Eunice invented our favorite "happy hat" pattern

Also it has been a time for me to connect with others in my own peer group and share my Mom with others.  Mom has been to all the previous four retreats and between us, and the ongoing sharing of the craft from those we’ve touched, more than 30 people have been enabled, um, er, encouraged to take up the addictive needles.

KnittingIt’s such a blessing to gather with others for a casual weekend of food, folks, and sometimes even fun fur.  If you’re interested here is the prayer brochure we will be using. I’ll hold you all in prayer as well. 

Download knitting_retreat_program_2005.pdf