The momentary truth is, I’m a mess.  I’m trying to begin Advent in a spirit if waiting and giving birth, but it’s hard.  I wonder if you would pray for me.

I’m, as I said, a mess.  Mom’s cancer is tough and challenging and her health is not so much improving!  My thesis, which is supposed to be completed shortly,  is deeply delayed and I am really trying to figure out if I even care about it.  And I’m plagued currently by depression.  If I were me counseling me, I’d say, be patient and kind with yourself.  If I were me, as I really am, I’d say get over yourself, already… everyone else has it harder, tougher, more painful, and just flat-out-worse-than-me.  And I so wish I were a better knitter and writer than I am.  You know the drill. Wishing I could write a kick-ass thesis: wish I could knit an item that will make my Mom feel better….

Thanks for saying a prayer for my mother!

[some inanity edited out on 12/1/05]