RevGal Friday Five: Oh, thank you Songbird
For this Friday morning, then, a few decorating questions:

1) Do you display a nativity scene, and if so, where?

We have um, four (yes, 4) nativity scenes we display. Used to be just three, but a new sister has
moved in who was given a beautiful set when she left her last ministry and so
we will be putting that out this year too. Of those three: one goes in the front foyer; one goes on the long
bookcase in our community room (living room) and one (a truly lovely white
porcelain set) will be placed in our prayer room on Christmas Eve night when we
pray in Christmas. I have no idea where
we will put the one being displaced by the new one. (We won’t be decorating until the 11th
– I always campaign for sooner, but others campaign for later and so this is
our compromise.)

In our house we have a tradition of the youngest sister
placing Baby Jesus as part of our prayer service. I’ve been planning prayers on Christmas Eve
here for a few years and have included others placing Mary and Joseph as
well. It’s a truly communal prayer
service. If you’d like to see them, you can: here are two
Download christmas_eve_prayer_2002.doc  and Download christmas_eve_prayer_2004.doc

2) Do you put a skirt under the Christmas tree? If so, what
does it look like?

We have a skirt that was made years and years ago by one of
the sisters who used to live in this local community, Sr. Anna Louise. Each year the sisters who lived here with her
reminisce about how she made it. It’s a
reminder of the continuity and larger-ness of our congregation. Sr. Anna Louise lives in another local convent/community
now and has for years, but she is still one of our “honorary” community members
here and her presence is felt each year very strongly with that old red and
green felt Christmas tree skirt.

3) Do you hang lights on the house or put them in your windows?

No, lights on the outside and the “house”
doesn’t put any up. Usually I put up a
string in my room in the windows. I’m
the most Christmasy-Elfish of the gang here!

4) White lights or colored lights on the tree? Big bulbs or  small?

Colored, small, twinkling/blinking if they’ll let me – usually they
don’t. But we all agree on colored
here. Which works well for me because I
can’t imagine a white light tree.  Well, I’ve seen them, but can’t imagine them in my home.

5) Do you have a tree topper? What sort? Who puts it on top
of the tree?

Oooh, this has been a raging debate for years. Debate may be too strong a term, really, we’ve
just been hunting for the right one for all of the six years I have lived in
this community! Last year we got “the
right one,” I think. But I can’t
remember what it is. I think it’s a
star. Though there have been angels we’ve

(I think it’s a star because that’s what I personally favor –
though when I put up my Great Grandmother’s little aluminum tree either in my
room or the study, I generally put a red bow on top and at Mom’s (where I’m decorating
coordinator) I put her “Santa” on top.)