Dscn3485Okay, a quick roundup of the last week:

Monday (my 41st birthday) – celebrating quietly at santa cruz with my friend Denise.
Denise has been a friend-o-mine since 1974.  We met in fourth grade and have been so close ever since (even if neither of us is good at calling out.)

earlier that day (4:00 a.m.) finished a paper for a class (which though I LOVED the class, I’m sure the paper is sub-par.  Sigh.)  And sent it in. 

Had breakfast with Mom and Rose Marie (my neice) who had come down from San Jose to celebrate.  Here they are with Denise and wearing the green hats I’ve been compulsively making for the past month.

Aren’t they all so cute.  Guess why I say there are four people in the picture….

Okay, so back in the San Francisco, I head off to class on Thursday… Friday, lunch with Sisters Michelle (OSF) and Maureen (Mercy), good friends of mine.  Then to Mom’s to clean out the refridge, wrap presensts and package for mailing and then a few episodes of Angel (season 4) with my neice.  (lovely).

Saturday: big meeting with sisters in my congregation 60 and under.  Interesting, difficult, hopeful, challenging…. A little moment of the challenge of being "young" in religious life….  After which ice cream with a small gang of sisters was very healing.

Dscn3514Sunday: OOOOHHHH, the once a year cookie baking fest…. I host a small gathering of "young adults" to bake and take Christmas cookies.  So, Anne, Michelle, Jason, Annie, Heather, Alicia and I baked and decorated the following:

  • Frosted sugar cookies
  • Pistachio-Lemon drop cookies
  • Cranberry shorthbread
  • Mexican wedding cookies (aka Russian tea cakes)
  • Rum balls
  • Hello Dollies (aka seven layer cookies)Dscn3515
  • Big soft ginger cookies
  • Snickerdoodles

Dscn3498Whew, Doggie!  This was a day!  And such a great crew for the fifth annual Christmas Cookie Baking-Fest.  Fun and Christmas tunes. And time to reconnect.  Nice.  (www.allrecipes.com rocks.)Dscn3495

After cleaning up from that, we, the sisters here, did the "decorating" thing for the holiday.  While the prayer room remains Advent-y, the rest of the house takes on the charm of Christmas past, present, future.  Lovely.  Oh, and pizza.  yeah.

Off to bed now… tomorrow is Costco shopping for the community, thesis writing, and a birthday celebration with the sisters here and a few friends. 

Blessings to you on the pink week of Advent.