AdsfsealA new Archbishop has been named for the Archdiocese of San Francisco.  Bishop George Niederauer of Salt Lake City, Utah will become the eighth ordinary of the Archdiocese (the first of whom was a Dominican – the same one who brought my community’s founder from France to found a religious community, not that I claim connection, mind you… but, well… um.)

It is not my place to judge, of course, but I’m heartened by the following quote I found online from our new Archbishop.

"There are dark sides to everything," he says, "and there is a dark
side to humor. It can be sarcastic, hurtful and angry. But it can also
be gentle. You can give things a sense of proportion and help keep
things in perspective if you can make a joke about it. One of the
devastating things you can do is take yourself too seriously."

then Bishop Niederauer to desertnews.

There will be those who are in favor of this new Archbish, and those who are opposed from the start (human beings seem to find it easier to see things in dualities).  But, I think we might want to let God be the judge and meanwhile to be open to this "newcomer" to our city.  In his own words,

"I think for us in this city to be bigoted toward newcomers, it’s a
failure of the heart. And imagination."

Let us use our hearts and imaginations to pray for and with our new Archbishop that he may be God’s child and advocate and our good ecclesial shepherd.  Amen.