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Choose your friends by their
character and your socks by their color. Choosing your socks by their
character makes no sense, and choosing your friends by their color is

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Hoping to make my country and my team proud, I’ve joined the Knitting Olympics. (You can read about the genesis of the games here -and if you are a knitter and haven’t discovered the harlot yet, oh boy, are you in for fun.)

Each player chooses a project that tests their stamina, challenges their skill and generally makes them a little weak in the head knees to imagine competing completing in 16 days.

As a member of the USA team, I am likely to be comitted to knitting my first pair of socks.  Go team!



My rigorous *ahem* training began in December when I started making these for women I know who’ve had mastectomies.  It’s an odd, odd task explaining what I’m knitting to others.  These are, however, much more comfortable than regular prosthetics and way better than what my Mom had been wearing for over 20 years since her mastectomy.  Additional bonus: I now have double pointed needle fever experience.

My Olymipic Entry?  Later, after much more thesis writing, I’ll show the yarn and the pattern (assuming I can ever decide on a sock pattern!)  Feel free to leave suggestions.

And you?  Are you up for a challenge?


Finally, after years of waiting, wondering, wishing, she’s arrived.  Baby J (Jessa) has joined our family.  Here she is:


And here too.  She was worth the wait.  She’s home now in NC with her new mom and dad.  And I do believe she is happy, healthy and truly magical (she is also a thief – she stole the hearts of everyone in CA who met her!).  Thanks for all the prayers and good wishes for her and my family.  What an amazing gift.  New life – we can all use a little of that in 2006, I think.

Tonight, while folding liturgical aids for our Mass of the Holy Spirit which will open our Chapter of Elections* which will be celebrated tomorrow night – sever sisters and I watched Dancing With The Stars.  What a hoot.  The other sisters had watched, apparently, last week because Jerry Rice is one of the celebrity dancers.  This is a 49rs convent, for sure.  (Though I don’t tell them and hope you won’t either, I’m not a big football fan and really wouldn’t we all enjoy watching paint dry so much better?)  (We’re also a big Jeff Gordon convent as he’s the step-nephew of one of the sisters.)  (While we’re at it, I can also tell you that Ken Garcia* is the real life nephew of one of the other sisters.)  (We’re all connected you know.)  Anywho!  So, we’re watching the dancing…. and it’s pretty interesting.  And I’m thinking, this is kind of surreal – folding mass programs, hanging with the sisters, rooting for a fabulous football player who’s dancing with a professional dancer and one of the sisters (Ken Garcia’s aunt, no less) actually dials in to vote for Jerry.

Speaking of relatives, Baby Jessa arrives in the USA and San Francisco on Saturday!  We, the California branch of the family, are just dying to meet her.  She’s our new niece/cousin/grandaughter I mentioned would be coming from China in this post.  I’m at an all day gathering of the sisters until the evening, so my other niece gets to pick them up and then be the one in the family to say "I loved her first." [note to self, not all readers are Angel fans.]  Dude.

In other Other news, please say a prayer, if you would, for our Chapter of Elections on Saturday at which we will select our leadership for the next three years.  The only candidates this time around are currently in office and who have been doing a very very very bangup job, so the race is not tight…. but, one never knows where and or how the Spirit blows. 

*Chapter is the term used for the regular gathering of the voting members of a religious community at which the community elects leadership, reviews its life together and makes "actions" which inform its ongoing life and ministry.
*Ken Garcia is a local writer and political columnist who used to write for the San Francisco Chronicle and now writes for the San Francisco Examiner.  He’s pretty darn good too.
*And yes, I have watched NASCAR races both with the sisters and on my own!  So there.  (Did you know that NASCAR is the sport with the MOST fans in the US? – again, fascinating).

Gotta say, this is a very funny blonde joke.  Okay, so I’m blonde and it took me a while, but it was worth it. 


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