Hoping to make my country and my team proud, I’ve joined the Knitting Olympics. (You can read about the genesis of the games here -and if you are a knitter and haven’t discovered the harlot yet, oh boy, are you in for fun.)

Each player chooses a project that tests their stamina, challenges their skill and generally makes them a little weak in the head knees to imagine competing completing in 16 days.

As a member of the USA team, I am likely to be comitted to knitting my first pair of socks.  Go team!



My rigorous *ahem* training began in December when I started making these for women I know who’ve had mastectomies.  It’s an odd, odd task explaining what I’m knitting to others.  These are, however, much more comfortable than regular prosthetics and way better than what my Mom had been wearing for over 20 years since her mastectomy.  Additional bonus: I now have double pointed needle fever experience.

My Olymipic Entry?  Later, after much more thesis writing, I’ll show the yarn and the pattern (assuming I can ever decide on a sock pattern!)  Feel free to leave suggestions.

And you?  Are you up for a challenge?