“Love one another.” Those words were pronounced two thousand years ago. But
today they sound again in our ears in a very different tone. For centuries
charity and fraternity could only be presented in a code of moral perfection,
or perhaps as a practical method of diminishing the pains or frictions of
earthly life. Now … the voice which speaks takes on a more imperious tone. It
no longer says “Love one another in order to be perfect,” but adds, “Love one
another or you perish.” “Realistic” minds are welcome to smile at dreamers who
speak of a humanity cemented and armored no longer with brutality but with
love. They are welcome to deny that a maximum of physical power may coincide
with a maximum of gentleness, and goodness. Their spiritual skepticism can not
prevent the theory and experience of spiritual energy from combining to warn us
that we have reached a decisive point in human evolution, at which the only way
forward is in the direction of a common passion, a “conspiration.”

To go on putting our hopes in a social order obtained by external violence
would simply mean to abandon all hope of carrying the spirit of the earth to
its limits.

Pierre Tielhard de Chardin, from ‘Human Energy’