"It’s empowering to think of someone other than myself.  What I do
is just great fun.  I love what I do; it’s a great job.  I’ve seen the
entire world, and I’ve met amazing friends.  But it’s honestly a pretty
ridiculous thing: I mean, I skate around on ice in tights.

if you keep in perspective, I’ve trained my whole life for this, but
it’s not that big a deal.  But because I’ve skated well, and because I
know I have two seconds of microphone time, I have the ability to
hopefully raise some awareness and raise some money and maybe, God
willing, put some kids on a path that I’ve been blessed with."

"For me, the Olympics have been the greatest blessing. If I retired
yesterday I would have gotten everything in the world from speedskating
and from competing in the Olympics. So for me to walk away today with a
gold medal is amazing. And the best way to say thanks that I can think
of is to help somebody else


— Olympic skater, Joey Cheek, upon winning a gold medal and his decision to donate 25k winning to an aid organization working with refugees in Darfur.