Recent news led me to share my own shooting accident story with the sisters.  In my case, only a BB, but still, it hit me in the face and lodged there.  drama mounts….  (Okay, not that much drama.) – Though you COULD put an eye out with that thing.

Imagine if you will three boys and a girl (brothers and sister) playing cowboys and indians.  Since my two older brothers had the guns, they were the cowboys.  My little brother and I were the indians.  At some point, out in our front yard, I lifted the corner of the orange blanket thrown over two sawhorses that served as the cowboy’s "fort".  "Pop!"

The  next thing I remember is being wheeled into the operating room so some masked doctor could remove the BB from between my mouth and cheek.  I still have the scars (two inside, one outside).  The story goes that my brother didn’t know the gun was loaded or the safety was supposed to be on… I don’t really remember.  I do know I never talk about it with him – so somehow, I think, it was so serious that it became not so much taboo, as just "non" topic material.  I don’t remember ever using it to bug him.  And I used a LOT of things to bug him. 

Anyway, as TalkLeft points out, Cheney’s hunting story maybe makes Bush look smarter…  This is ironic.